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As we achieve our Fundraising Goals we will be transparent with your patriotic accomplishments with photos and links to the American Taxpayers Party Achievements and much more. Members will receive email updates as we grow your not-for-profit organization. * Remember we are not looking to be a third political party, We are looking to be the Allstar Representives of Taxpayers across the country with an overwhelming amount of leverage to make a very big difference on how we are governed now and in the future. It's time to Unite like never before.

All Memberships, Donations, Sponsorships, and Volunteering of Services
are very much
Welcomed and Appreciated

Please Make Any and All Monetary Donations Payable and Mail to:

American Taxpayers Party Inc.
14-18 Pondway
Manorville NY 11949

* Individual Memberships are not presently tax-deductable as we have not yet filed for a 501(c)(4) tax exempt status.
Business Memberships are considered Sponsorships and may be tax deductable as an advertising expense because we will promote your business with an ad and/or link to your business website. Check with your accountant to be sure.