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The American Taxpayers Party was founded as a non-partisan, fully transparent, organization established to unionize the American Taxpayers who choose to join us as members and/or sponsors. Our Non Tax Exempt corporation was created to raise capital through it’s memberships, fundraising, and its business sponsors to unify and promote the taxpayers rights granted to them by The Constitution of the United States. As members of this Party, taxpayers will be able to unify as a non government entity, and establish a non partisan organization which will be able to better represent itself and to make sure the interests of the American Taxpayers are being represented honestly and justly by its congressional representatives and government leaders. 

As the American Taxpayers Party grows in membership we will be able to hold our representatives much more accountable to their campaign promises and to their political decisions and actions. The time is right for the taxpayers to unite and to regain their voice during a time in history when it is common knowledge that the American Taxpayers have not only lost their voice but are no longer being heard by their representatives. This Party of American Taxpayers will be able to raise the necessary capital to begin transforming our vacant storefronts into productive businesses one business at a time. It is not the job of the government to do this, therefore this newly formed union will take matters into its own hands and do the work that needs to be done to stimulate the economy the old fashioned way, by earning it through hard work and American ingenuity by way of capitalism as professed by our founding fathers.

We the People (American Tax Paying Citizens) are tired of the ongoing political hypocrisies and cronyisms that have stifled our representations and have recently decided to join together to form a much stronger entity that will be able to leverage our union membership to begin insuring a much more fair and balanced representation. 

The American Taxpayers Party is not a government entity under the Constitution and are in fact outsiders to the DC politicians and bureaucrats, therefore entitled to unite as members of a non tax exempt corporation or any other non government business entity. The Government cannot inhibit the rights of individuals or taxpayers to assemble and form unions to represent their common interests, purposes, and goals. 

Our Constitution guarantees our Freedom to Assemble and to Gather as individual taxpayers and citizens in non violent ways to unify for a common purpose, and that purpose has become clear to all Americans, to make sure we are not being taxed without proper representation and to make sure we are not being double and tripled taxed by our government. Reforming the Tax Code is a major issue and through our Union we will be able to start the reformation process. Together, we can and will, make a difference in the way we are taxed in the future. Government will never represent the interests of the people therefore it must be an outside entity that does this. It’s time for the American People to stand up and represent themselves as a more powerful and unionized organization.

We are a nation of Capitalists and must act together to grow our economy without the help of government bailouts and stimulus packages, We are not, and never will, be a Nanny State relying on government to tell us how and when to conduct business. It’s time to conduct business now and save our country from socialistic and fascist agendas. America was founded on Capitalism and must remain Capitalistic in order to insure our personal and business freedoms. We can no longer take this for granted because there are people and special interest groups determined to undermine our Constitutional Rights as we know it.

Talk is Cheap, It’s time to Walk the Walk, Join us Today as a Member and/or Sponsor of the
American Tax Payers Party Inc and start being heard, at the same time, begin fixing our economy
ourselves one business at a time. CHANGE, as we were promised was not what we needed, it was FOCUS, we needed to unite as taxpayers and focus our money and energy on creating small businesses and jobs in our local communities, while keeping government focused on our national protection and prosecuting those individuals and groups that participated in corruptive and criminal business behaviors.

We have allowed our government to meddle in our business and personal lives because of their deregulation of our housing and banking industries. We the people, need to take responsibility for everything else. Together, We can fix our economy, secure better representation in our government, and create our own ideas for health care reform and become energy independent without burdening our children with obscene debt. 

This is the FOCUS of the American TaxPayers Party, Inc. We hope you join us

Founder, Vice President and CEO - Edward Graham





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We will be relentless in our effort to protect the American Way of Life!

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