Beware of the BID's!

Attention All Taxpayers and Business Owners!

They are coming to a Waterfront Neighborhood near you - They prefer Villages
They will render your
Mayor, Village Board Members and Trustees, as well as your Town Supervisor
Powerless by taking their power from them,

not to mention the most important theft of All, which is your
one person one vote

on the local community level through your representives
as well as your own lack of knowledge as to their overall agenda.
They have found a way to re-interpret the Constitution
through case law to fit their progressive transformation of our country.

Stay tuned for Upcoming Article

In the Meantime,
Please Google BID - OPPOSITION -
to get past the first few pages of positive fluff piled there to anesthetize and distract you as to their
truly marxist - progressive concept
of by-passing your local community government controlled by each of your local votes.
Once you realize what they are up to
(ultimate long range goal of carrying out their progressive agenda without party turnovers to impede them)
you will be enfuriated by their audacity