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The Lawful Public Objective of the American Taxpayers Party Inc. and Plan of Action to accomplish it's Mission / Purpose to Benefit our Members and their Communities.
www.americantaxpayersparty.org is our website that will be growing everyday with new content and will become more interactive as we grow. Our Plan is to become the backbone of the American Taxpayers and to fight legally and financially for their Constitutional rights to conduct business without big government and corrupt government officials standing in their way. Our American Spirit is in the process of being destroyed by the juveniles from the left. This Cancel Culture goes against the very Soul of America. The Grown Ups must push back by cutting off their allowances and giving them all timeouts. 
"We as Taxpayers Hold the Money, therefore We as Taxpayers Hold the Power" Time to Use the Power of Our Combined Monies and Members to leverage and use the Laws and Constitution against the Romper Room. Our Representatives have failed us, Our Courts have failed us, Our Media has failed us, Our School Systems have failed us, and now Social Media has failed us, We are alone against this Socialist Tsunami. Politicians have satisfied their own self interests and have decided to ignore the interests of the American People especially the American Taxpayers. They will be Taxing the living crap out of all of us to pay for their delusional Left-topia. 
We need to put a stop to this ASAP by uniting our members and monies to create and promote new communication and tech platforms, by creating our own news forums, by enlisting the help and support of constitutional lawyers who want to fight for the American Taxpayers in courts across the country, by creating Common Sense Round tables and Think Tanks to combat the weak ideas of the left, by supporting and funding small businesses, by challenging our politicians to do the right thing for us or lose our support and vote, by leveraging our members and monies to stop funding government waste and projects that don't benefit us as American Citizens and Taxpayers.  
Our Challenge is to Unite as One, During the Tea Party Revolution the leaders refused to Join Together as One Entity and as a result, they were picked apart by the Establishment of both parties, also known as the Progressive Party, That was a Big Mistake and they repeated that mistake as they relied on Trump to fight their fight for them, Trump was and will remain a Great Champion for the People of this Country, but the People did not Protect their Champion from the Hyenas of the Left, Our State Legislators failed him when he needed them the most, the establishment swamp dwellers betrayed him when he needed them to do their due diligence, Our Government is growing out of control and without our consent, Time to Unite as One Strong Entity NOT as a Third Political Party, but as American Taxpayers, with a purpose and a mission to protect and defend our Constitutional Rights against all enemies including the globalists / progressives who are trying to destroy our Country and our Freedoms. Talk is Talk, Time to Walk the Walk, Term limits must be imposed on them by us, not their feckless fellow politicians, we pay their salaries, we need to give all those who are no longer working for us a big pay cut and when the time comes a pink slip. 
We allowed them to dumb us down as a nation by destroying our educational system, we need to Stop funding the Dept of Education until wholesale changes are made to restore a normal common sense American Curriculum and Civics. We must oppose and stop the Green New Disaster before it gets too far embedded into our economy and energy grid. All these Executive orders must be challenged as unconstitutional as they have a direct effect on our commerce and economy which would have to go through Congress with votes to hold everyone of our representatives accountable for their votes. We need to as One Entity fund a team of all-star constitutional lawyers and litigators to battle them in the courts all the way to the Supreme Courts if necessary. Class Action Lawsuits and Civil Lawsuits must be filed against Individuals including Corrupt Government Officials and Appointees. Filing Lawsuits against the Government is useless and stupid as we would be suing ourselves as we the  taxpayers would be paying the settlements with our own money. I have been waiting on the sideline for someone else to step up and take the lead, but it is quite apparent that we are screwed and no good solutions are on the table, so its time for smart people to join together to make a difference.  
Dave Rubin is trying to make a difference and i applaud his platform for giving voice to those of us who want to make a difference as well. David Portnoy from Barstoolsports.com is another Great American making a difference with small business owners. Greg Gutfeld is another Great American who is using his quick wit and humor to keep us entertained during this solemn period in American History with his common sense commentary and show. This Country is filled with Great Americans who are not in Politics but must now get involved because our representatives have either buried their heads in the sand or are hiding under their school desk. The Progressive's worst fear is one in which we the deplorables actually realize that we hold the money therefore hold the power to oppose their agenda if we united under one entity. 
We as American Taxpayers have an obligation and duty to hold our representatives accountable for their unconstitutional actions, Money and Membership will make the difference, not a third political party, if anything we will be vetting better candidates and running them in the republican primary races against cowardly incumbents. We can Make a Difference if We the People (Taxpayers) join together as One Entity - American Taxpayers Party Inc. and take back control of our Government and to support the re-opening of our Small Businesses. Idiocracy is well underway and the Idiots are about to destroy our way of life. Those who submit and conform to the idiocracy may not have the financial means to mount a legal defense, the political courage, or simply have given up because it is easier to conform than to fight alone. 
Historians will look back at this period of time after we had America's Greatest of All Time President (GOAT) and shake their heads with shame as we sat back and watched a Great Nation dissolve into chaos because Taxpayers never united to stop it. Our Constitution is about to be dismantled and replaced by the Constitution of the U.N. which is completely anti-american. They don't want Unity, They want Conformity and Submission, so we must Unite in order to push back and defeat this cancer on our Country. We must go on the Offense and pressure them everyday until they submit and conform to the American Way of Life. Are we a bunch of losers or are we a bunch of winners who lost a battle but got up to win the war.  We must get up off the ground, dust ourselves off, wipe the blood off our lip, and unite to win at every level. Don't underestimate their hatred for the American Taxpayer even though we fund their checks and livelihoods, they despise us, we no longer have a seat at the table once Trump left, now they will lie, cheat, and steal all our money to get their way and hold onto their power. 
Every parent should file lawsuits against all those officials who allow transgender or those who claim to be a gender that allows them into the bathrooms of opposite genders of our children. This will be harming our children in unimaginable ways and this must be stopped because fathers will lose their minds if their daughters are exposed to this crap. It wont be pretty as the Father will lose his livelihood and his freedom for his natural reactions. 
It's only been a week of this tortured state of left wing media and policies and many of us are experiencing a bad trip, nausea, vomiting, and disgust as we realize how we will be subjected to this lunacy for at least 2 years if not 4 years. They are working hard right now to make sure they control the 2022 and 2024 elections by implementing new rules to guarantee themselves victories in those swing cities and states again. Our Republican led State Legislatures failed miserably to stand up to the Corrupt Governors and Secretaries of State who circumvented their own state laws to make sure mail in ballots had no accountability. This inaction was disgraceful to the American Taxpayers and Legal Voters.  
Time to move forward though, no time to cry over spilt milk, time to walk the walk. We invite you to Join the American Taxpayers Party Inc. and contribute money, services, and/or time to the cause as we will fight the fight for you. We need your ideas and all hands on deck to not only make a difference but to win back our Great Country and Way of Life from these lunatics. Together we have more money than big tech and the special interests combined, we need to remind the politicians who their boss is today and always. They will try to diminish our power by defunding us with crushing taxes and crazy policies while taking away our ability to communicate and unite with each other. No time to waste, hesitation is not an option, non-violent actions are needed ASAP.   
Stay tuned for more info as our membership and personnel grows. Sorry for the length of this post, but i felt a need to vent and to introduce the American Taxpayers Party Inc. to all those looking to push back anonymously by contributing to our non-tax exempt organization. We would love to hear any comments, suggestions, or questions that will be constructive to our efforts.  
Our Rights as Business Owners and Private Citizens are being Abused by Power Hungry Politicians and Officials - Time to Stop them by uniting and filing lawsuits against all of them personally. We are looking for Constitutional lawyers, Civil Rights Attorneys, Litigation experts, Investigative journalists, to join with us to establish an All Star legal team to combat the lawyers on the left.  We are also looking for VIP's with large followings to help spread the word about the American Taxpayers Party. 
Thanks for reading this and we hope you chose to join us 
Founder of the American Taxpayers Party Inc.

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