Invitation to Patriots - Call to Duty - We are looking to organize the unorganized to move forward as one entity

We the " American Taxpayers Party Inc. " are looking to work in conjunction with those constitutional organizations and conservative groups that believe in:

  1. Limited government
  2. Reducing taxes and changing our tax structure
  3. Cut spending dramatically
  4. Strong national defense
  5. Rid congress and the senate of all corrupt and lifetime politicians
  6. Support term limits for our representatives
  7. TORT Reform
  8. Insurance Reform allowing for borderless purchasing
  9. No more Bailouts ever!
  10. Reform Bank Lending Practices
  11. Small Business Growth Incentives
  12. Repeal Obamacare ASAP
  13. Common Sense Health Care Reform
  14. Finish the Mexican Border Wall
  15. No Amnesty for Illegals but create a new system that allows them to become U.S. taxpaying Citizens.
  16. Reducing Corporate and Real Estate taxes dramatically across America to attract corporations to USA
  17. They want our money, they must come to us and ask us for it!
  18. Return Power Back to the States while we throw out corrupt state officials
  19. Uniting Taxpayers to form a United Front against all progressives and their marxist movement
  20. Place honest and Moral Characters in Office to represent the people not the government.
  21. Federal Government can only borrow power and money from the States
  22. The 9/12 Project must be at the core of all organizations involved
  23. All future Candidates must be interviewed and vetted by the American Taxpayers Party
  24. Establishing a Taxpayers Oversight Committee to watchdog our Government
  25. Candidates must sign a contract with America before taking Office both at State and Federal level.
  26. Must denounce the Progressive Movement, Marxism, Communism, Fascism, and Socialism
  27. Medicare and Social Security Reform
  28. Eliminating Entitlement Programs across country
  29. Restoring Constitutional Law as the Standard as opposed to progressive case law.
  30. Get people off welfare by getting rid of the welfare system
  31. Reform Unemployment by creating incentives to work and deterring laziness
  32. Decriminalizing Marijuana as a jailable offense across the country, in every state.
  33. No government funding for abortions
  34. Much less government regulations and laws against its citizens
  35. All Constitutional Parties and Organizations have a representative seat on our Board or Committee

If you believe in most, if not all of the above, we would love to have you as a member or a participant in our organization. We will be growing in membership and influencing power as time goes on, and intend to play a significant role in the Revitalization of the American Way of Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness, by restoring our constitutional rights. We will be looking to recruit the best of the best as representatives of their organizations combining with our organization and forming the equivalent of a Knights of the Round Table amongst taxpayers and U.S. Citizens except that the majority decision of the round table will be the decision of the American Taxpayers Party and not of a king.

We will be able to make a tremendous difference as a united entity as opposed to many independent and leaderless organizations, which are inspirational and are highly motivated in their intentions but are ridiculed and dismissed as unorganized and only confusing voters for 2010 and 2012, in which we as:
Tea Partiers
Ron Paulers
LaRouche PAC
Republican Conservatives
Oath Keepers
and the many other patriotic grassroots organizations that are now involved in Saving America
know is simply not true and is an underestimated interpretation of the power of the people and our committment.

It is our duty as American Citizens to root out all socialists, marxists, communists, fascists, and most importantly all progressives from our government ASAP. We need to do this as one entity, to achieve the leverage necessary to affect the greatest impact in the time limited by the aggressive progressive  agenda. We need to shut them down now before they spread across the world taking our money with them. IT IS TIME TO SHUT OFF THE MONEY SPICKET, We need to do this together as one!

We are looking to recruit:

Constitutional Lawyers and Judges
Business Professionals 
Talk Radio and TV Show Hosts 
Real Estate Professionals
Volunteers for Committees
Pro Bono Professionals that want to perform their American Duty to save America
Everyday Hardworking Citizens looking to make a difference
and anyone else who wants to restore America and protect the rights of your children and grandchildren. 
Prominent Members of the Conservative and Constitutional Movement.